Our Base Package, Ostmosis 365:


Your new site is custom tailored for you.

We’ll have a conversation with you, and we’ll build out your site with your input and specific requests.


Your new design is top of the line.

Setting up a pre-made template is easy, but web design is far from a one size fits all. The big guys do everything custom, so why shouldn’t you?


Your new scheme is designed to increase interaction.

Good design is as much a science as it is an art. Your new website is designed to encourage interaction and conversion from your audience.

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Your new site has a solid foundation.

WordPress is the foundation upon which we build. The reason? It’s tried and true. WordPress is strong, secure, and flexible. It’s no wonder that it powers 23% of the web.

Starting from scratch is expensive. Companies who do it pass those extra expenses on to you. We start from a solid foundation, and from there we build what you need, saving you money and keeping your site stronger and more flexible.

Your site is scalable. We’ll never take your site down because it’s getting too much traffic. There are extra costs applied if your site goes over 20,000 hits per month, but we can discuss that later.

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We’re in it for the long haul – support forever


You have complete control over your website.

Before even launching your site, we’ll send you tutorials and teach you everything you need to know about making necessary changes to your site.


We know. Your vision changes from time to time.

If the changes you want are beyond your abilities, to a certain extent, we’ll work with you to get your needs met.


Tech support. all the time.

If you have a problem, just send an email: [email protected].


40% of your audience is gone in 3 seconds if your site hasn’t loaded all the way. ALL of our sites load in a fraction of a second.

Google loses 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load. Google also incorporates your page-load time into your site’s search rankings. Faster sites win — literally.

Our host includes a fully-managed CDN service, where your static content is served from “edge” servers all around the world, reducing latency by seconds.

 Elegant Page Builder

The Builder was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The builder transforms elements into visual building blocks, allowing anyone to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching a single line of code. There are no limitations as to how builder elements can be customizations and arranged.